Beach life ~ How to Find Your Beach

Do you find yourself dreaming of the beach? A place where you find peace and solitude. Relaxation, fun, away from the fast paced work life? Where is your Beach? Where do you go to relax? To the Beach, Mountains, in your Garden, or is it spending time with a close friend from childhood?  Are you looking for Work/Life Balance? What?! WORK/LIFE?

It's Life/Work Balance we need to find - Yes, Life first. 

Who came up with Work First then Life?

Let's think about how our life is laid out.

Life first: Family, Friends, Faith, Fitness/Health, Finances, and then work fits into those parts of our life. Not Work first.

Think about where your "Beach" is and how it helps you find peace and serenity. We are going to embark on a journey around "how to find your beach." 

Are you ready?! 

See you again soon along the Beach trail. 



  • Love this idea, and all your thought be hind it. I always have a beach thought in my mind. ❤

    Christina Franks
  • Love your beach views!

  • Love this! I always hate when people start off by asking how’s work? I like to start off with asking a question about what they do for fun or what they’ve done with their family lately and get the focus off work because who actually enjoys talking about work?!? Not me!!!
  • I love this. You’re the greatest!

    Phyllis Craig

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