Need a Beach Break?

Working from home or spending time behind a mask at work? Thinking about the beach and warm sun? Maybe your "Beach" is working in the garden or hiking in the mountains? Wherever your favorite place is you have the ability to take yourself there any time of day. 

Creative Visualization is a wonderful tool. Change your computer desktop picture, your Zoom background, and have a photo or postcard handy of your favorite place. When you take a brain break, picture yourself at the location. Maybe you are in your favorite place, Just look around you. 

Deep Breaths. Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders. Drop your jaw a bit and breathe in, deep breath. Breathe out, and repeat two more times. Picture your place, your "Beach". Imagine the peace and happiness you gain when there. 

Doing this quick exercise at least once a day will help bring a sense of calmness, you will find you are more energized and ready to face the world. 

What are you waiting for? Come on - Three Deep Breaths.

Post how you feel when you take that Brain Break and relax for a minute or two.  

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