What are you getting done for you? Are you working towards your goals?

September has begun, Fall Season is around the corner, and I still have items on my list of "things to do" since January! Oh my!

Where did the time go? Now is a good time to reflect on our personal goals and how we will make a difference in achieving those goals before year end. Taking the first step is most important. Break down the goals into smaller steps and find your way to make a few items happen this month. Do it for you! 

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success." ~ Pablo Picasso


We all set goals everyday ~ Short term ~ What time we will wake up, what do do for our meals, etc. Think about it, you accomplish many easy goals everyday! Way to go!

What about those long term goals? Starting with the Big Picture of what you want to do in life or even just one year, or only this month begins with breaking down the end result you are working towards into smaller steps. These smaller steps will help you achieve those goals. 

When many of us worked on our goals back in January, what was the premise? Finance, Family, Career, Physical, Volunteer work, Artistic or even Attitude Goals could be the "big picture." 

Did you break those goals into smaller steps? Now is the time to reflect and review if those steps are taking you on the right path. Maybe you will find it's time to change the target or big picture to a realistic goal towards success. 

Few goal examples I have heard:  "I am working to save save money to retire early and enjoy my family more",I am working on my job performance to help earn a promotion and raise at work" Love this one... "I plan to golf 4x per week," last "I am working to be fit and live a long and healthy life."

Without a vision of where you are going, a goal to work towards, most likely you won't get there. 

Small steps, stay on course, let others know what you are striving for, and be specific. Make sure you write your goals down and keep to realistic achievable goals. You've got this! 

When you accomplish your goals, time to celebrate and find a path to what is next on your list to accomplish! 

We all will Rock our Goals together! 





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